(N) DixieDolls Champagne

champagne hjemmeside rett
EMS: RAG g 03
DOB: 31.01.2013
Sire: Tajeschidolls Boxter of DixieDolls
Dam: S*Gunbertus Eloa Enejie


3 x BIS
4 x NOM
 x BIV

My sweetest Champis I got from my dear and fantastic friend kristine, Dixiedolls. This girl is from one of my favorite males. She is a little girl but with an amazing type. She is the first Ragdoll tortie EVER to be nominated at a WORLD WINNER SHOW. She has a great temper and the coolest attitude.

Thank you so much Kristine “Snuppa”. I will be forever grateful for this perfect tortie. She means everything <3