About me

My name is Kjersti and I am the breeder of RagLuceritos Ragdolls. I live in a small town in the middle of Stavanger and Bergen on the west coast of Norway. My life has allways been about my pets. I love all kinds of animals. When I was 3 years old I got my first cat and his name was Timmy. He was just a street mix cat but he was my best friend. I jused to put clothes on him and had him as my doll.

It was first in 2006 I was lucky to meet my first Ragdoll. This was my sisters cat, a blue colorpoint girl. I feelt deeply in love with this cat and in May 2007 I got my first Ragdoll. And in late 2007 I started my breed. The name Luceritos means heaven of stars and I had to pick this name because all my cats are my perfect stars.

I want to breed Ragdolls with a good type and a loving temper, so they can all bring you a lot of love at home.

My cats has been tested for: HCM without any marks.