S*Gunbertus Perfect Romeo

romeo hjemmeside
EMS: RAG n 04
DOB: 02.03-2013
Sire: S*Gunbertus Fraciel Framzon
Dam: S*Ninasmirakel Perfect Plum


2x BIS
3x NOM
2x BIV


Romeo is the reason why I have many of my cats today. He gave me the type I want in my Ragdolls and he has an amazing temper. I have kept some kittens after Romeo and I can´t wait to see what they can give me in the future. I kept Horny Magnet, Strawberry Daiquiri and Emma after this amazing boy. I owned Romeo together with my best friend, Eliane Fjelland, (N)NobleOrgins and she has also kept some amazing kittens from this boy. Romeo lives in Stavanger with a great new mom and he gets all the attention in the world. bought me and Eliane are forever grateful to Ulla for trusting us with this Amazing boy <3