(N)RagLuceritos Baruk Hunts 4 U

baruk hjemmeside
EMS: RAG n 03
DOB: 26.04-2011
Sire: DK*Kittyrags Ragnar Sturlusson
Dam: NL*SiempreAmar Rising Star of Norway


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I kept Baruk after my B-litter after Ragnar and Star. This was my first litter after many years hold because of my studying in Denmark. I just had to keep something from this litter and I got my second host Family who actually was Eliane Fjelland, (N)NobleOrgins. She is now my partner and we have developed a great friendship. Eliane is the one person I trust with everything. Eliane kept a beautiful girl called Marie after Baruk and the plan is to get something back with his lines. baruk lives with a great family now and his best friend is his son.