DK*KittyRags Ragnar Sturlusson

ragnar hjemmeside
EMS: RAG a 04
DOB: 04.06-2009
Sire:  Echoglen Baron of Kittyrags
Dam: Kittyrags Miss Maren


Ragnar has never been to a show because he´s points are not perfect.

I bought Ragnar when I was studying in Denmark. I really like this boy and he is a big strong and long boy. The problem and reason that I dicided to neuter him is that he dosn´t have a good profile and he has runners on his front legs. This is one of the things he kept on giving his babies. He gives his babies the size and this is one of the things I loved with him. Ragnar had 3 litters and now he lives with his grand daughter, Girl Next Door and there family.