NL*SiempreAmar Rising Star Of Norway

star hjemmeside
EMS: RAG n 03
DOB: 30.05.2008
Sire: Bluegrasrags Ruby of SiempreAmar
Dam: TGC*Chatandolls Faith An of SiempreAmar
100 % Traditional


2 x BIS
5 x NOM
1 x BIV

Star is the queen of my cattery and the mother of my B and C-litter. Star hasn´t been a easy cat to mate. She had two litters with Ragnar and she was expecting kittens with Romeo in july 2014, but she lost the kittens in week 38 and we had to sterilize her. Star is for me the born leader and my best friend. I love Star to the moon and back and she is the greatest cat in the world.


I´m forever greatful for this queen Mirjam. Thank you so much for giving me this STAR <3