(N)RagLuceritos Girl Next Door

lisa hjemmeside
EMS: RAG n 04
DOB: 28.09.2013
Sire: (N)Ragedys This Is It
Dam: (N)RagLuceritos JWoow


 x BIS
2 x NOM
1 x BIV

Lisa is the only baby I have from my dear Snorre and she means a lot to me. She is a long and good boned lady with kind of the diva factor. She lives with my good friend Irene Furevik and her family and her best friend is DK*Kittyrags Ragnar Sturlusson who also lives there.

The plan is to have two litters with Lisa and they will grow up with Irene and her family.


Thanks guys for taking so good care of my princess.